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October 01, 2016

The difficult interpretation of Egyptian mythology

One of the cultures and mythologies most complicated is the Egyptian. When we speak of Greek, Rome or Inca mythology we find many stories and myths, but all united by an internal coherence and a series of oral or written sources that have made that their knowledge very close to us to understand. That does not happen with Kemet (Ancient Egypt). We are going to study why and try to explain the difficult mechanisms governing the internal consistency of a religion that lasted for more than two millennia.

As we approach the Egyptian mythology we find a multitude of gods who take various forms. The same God can be represented in many different ways, as an animal and as a man or woman with animal head for example, they can melt with other gods giving rise to new gods and representations and many of them adopt different functions. Similarly myths about the creation of the world differ depending on the city of origin and the same story has some gods or other as the main figure.

September 30, 2016

Welcome to The last stage

Welcome to The last stage. This blog will be the english counterpart for La última etapa. The objective of this blog is to introduce and explain to everyone how it was the ancient Egypt: their gods and institutions, their customs, kings and ordinary people, how they lived, etc.

The last stage is also a book of the ancient Egypt (Kemet) that will be publish shortly in spanish and i hope, at some point, also in english.

In the meantime i am going to feed the blog with entries in a regular basis all weeks. I expect that the journey will be pleasant for you as it is for me.

Welcome to The last stage.